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PC Party Leader Sinclair Stevens joins former Progressive Conservative PM Joe Clark on refugees

For Immediate Release September 7, 2015

Newmarket, Ont.
- The Hon. Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party, stated today he personally and the PC Party share the concern raised by former prime minister the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark on the Syrian Refugee Crisis.
"As a member of the Clark Cabinet", Stevens said, "at the time of the Vietnamese "boat people" crisis in 1979 I was part of a government that took human-rights and the plight of refugees very seriously. We acted. Numbers to be accepted were raised to 50,000.  As in the Tehran crisis, we did not posture for political or election purposes even though we quickly found ourselves in a second election campaign later that year.  We acted decisively.  We saved lives.  That is what Canadians expect.  That is what Canadians demand now.  Liberal governments did so too, with no more or less success.  The Progressive Conservative party was a very different party, a very different government, than the party and government led by Mr. Harper today."
On Friday, September 4, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark Canada's prime minister 1979-1980 and foreign minister in the Mulroney government, which took leadership in North America and in the Commonwealth opposing apartheid and working diplomatically to free Nelson Mandela, cited the important work his Progressive Conservative government and later governments did at that time.   The Clark interviews Friday noted the difficulties of security and impossible scale of the problems faced  by his and later governments posed by refugee emergencies, urging the same determination by the Canadian government today and by the new Government of Canada after the October 19th election.
"Canadians expect our government to take a leadership role in international emergencies and to be a presence on the world stage.  We've lost that part of reputation in recent years because of the agenda driven Harper government. We must do better", Stevens said.

The Hon. Sinclair Stevens,
Leader, PC Party
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Reference: CTV Former PM Joe Clark urges Canada to "do more" to ease Syrian refugee crisis.