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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 12:54
Progressive Canadian Party reacts to Brexit, PC Party candidate Dorian Baxter

For immediate release: March 29, 2017.

Markham-Thornhill - Progressive Canadian party president and candidate in the Markham-Thornhill by-election Rev. Dorian Baxter, an independent Anglican archbishop, speaking for Canada’s PC Party said today, “Canada must look to the opportunity in Brexit, not just to marketplace uncertainty or to see it as a breaking up of the European community.”

 “Life is a balance of continuity and change,” Baxter added.  “The UK will remain Canada’s most important trading partner in Europe after Brexit and the bridge to the Continent of greatest importance.  Common law, financial and trade practices and relationships, our parliamentary democracy and cultural ties ensure that the UK, all of it, is key to Canada and our future.  Brexit is about an unbalanced trade relationship, challenges to sovereignty and differences of legal tradition which do not exist in the Commonwealth.  Canada’s connections in all of these areas with the UK and within the Commonwealth’s 52 nations can significantly leverage Canada’s position in negotiations with Europe in CETA and with the US in NAFTA if we see and take advantage of the opportunity in front of us.”

The Commonwealth of Nations consists of 52 independent and sovereign states around the world representing a potential trading block with over $14.623 trillion GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and an estimated population in 2013 of 2.38 billion people in some of the wealthiest and poorest nations seeking opportunity in the world, according to commonly cited sources.

“I was born in Africa, in Mombasa, the second largest city after Nairobi in Kenya,” Baxter said.  “I have lived most of my life as a Canadian.  Canada’s future in the Commonwealth, our shared history, political, trade and legal traditions, the opportunity to grow and the opportunity to contribute to the world as a member of the Commonwealth seem natural to me.”

“Brexit is change, but let us focus on Canada leading the way in realizing the opportunities this change brings with it, for ourselves and everyone, rich and poor, in the Commonwealth and in the world,” he added.

The Progressive Canadian party’s leader until his passing in November was the Hon. Sinclair Stevens, a former Progressive Conservative Industry minister, business man and a member of the Royal Commonwealth Society.  “I think the Honourable Sinclair Stevens, who was always excited to see the opportunity in change and a strong promoter of the Commonwealth would be the first to point to the opportunity for Canada here rather than to worry too much about uncertainty,” Baxter concluded.


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