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Friday, 31 March 2017 12:38
Publicly Funded Infrastructure Improvements and Education
Building the future by following the past.

For Immediate Release, March 31, 2017
Markham-Thornhill Ont. -
Creating opportunity for all Canadians, in our work force, by providing necessary infrastructure needs to be the subject of public debate rather than opportunity to serve political agendas.
"Progressive Canadians believe progress is best when it is inclusive," PC Party candidate in Markham-Thornhill Dorian Baxter said today.  "The Tory party of Sir John A. Macdonald was progressive because it was a party of nation-builders serving the interest of all of the people, not just some, by working within our institutions in a new country created after wide public debate, the Confederation Debates." 

"Canada's new national government was pro-active in building infrastructure from canals to railways.  This is Canada at 150.  We need public debate on the infrastructure for today and activist government in Ottawa," Baxter added.
The present governing party wants to establish an Infrastructure Bank that "will operate at greater arm's length rather than a department" and which would through private borrowings "concern itself with only about 2 per cent of the "national" infrastructure gap. The remaining 98 per cent that is provincial and local is too small to attract large investors."  Others seek far less or exclusively public initiative.
The Progressive Canadian Party favours Bank of Canada funding of infrastructure. This measure provides necessary funds to stimulate the economy through construction of needed and in many cases necessary roads, hospitals, schools, and new technology facilities to build a 21st economy without concern for deficit and the accumulation of debt through compound interest.
"Had this policy, which existed prior to 1974, been followed," stated Dorian Baxter, PC Party President and Markham-Thornhill by-election candidate, ``the massive debt developed from funding through banks at interest rather than the Bank of Canada at administration costs would not have been developed."
Education funding, too, is a key focus of good economic policy. Unlike some other countries Canadian governments do not support our citizens maximizing their capabilities through funding post secondary education. ``A Grade XII education no longer is adequate for an individual to be of economic value to themselves or our country``, Baxter said, ``to compete in world markets all Canadians must be encouraged and supported in maximizing their capabilities. Where public funding of post-secondary education once averaged 82% of costs, today government funds only 57%, resulting in higher, even prohibitive, tuition fees which limit student and Canada`s potential.``
These and unique policy directions in the
PC Party Prosperity Canada policies
such as a focus on trade and commerce with the 52 nations of the Commonwealth, particularly now with the United Kingdom becoming at liberty to set its own policy directions, distinguish the Progressive Canadian Party from others.

For more information, contact:
Dorian Baxter,
President of the Progressive Canadian Party
Markham-Thornhill by-election PC Party candidate
Why create an Infrastructure Bank?
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