Progressive Canadian candidates playing a positive role in Canadian politics: Leader
Friday, 13 September 2019 13:27
Progressive Canadian candidates playing a positive role in Canadian politics: Leader 

For Immediate Release:
Burlington, Ontario, Friday the Thirteenth, September 2019 –  Progressive Canadian Party Leader Joe Hueglin has made the following observations on the federal election, the tone of politics today, and the role of the PC Party. 

Progressive Canadian Party candidates are playing a positive role in Canada's 43rd General Election.

Many expect the election called September 11, 2019 will see a "donnybrook" follow, a "scene of riotous disorder, heated argument." Media reports and polls suggest more voters than usual are unsettled by the choices available to them and that party standing in parliament at dissolution is of little interest.

The hyper-partisanship of the last parliament, despite the promise of “sunny ways,” and negative politics of the Harper years is expected to continue as constituency candidates from parties of the last parliament fan out across Canada offering voters the same negative politics and spin-crafted talking points heard in the House of Commons.

PC Party candidates listen.  We  want to address positively seldom discussed issues of importance to all Canadians where they live.  To address issues in national conversations in a positive way . And to do so with the good will and a sense of decency for which Canada and Canadians are justly proud.

Progressive Canadian candidates raise issues and ask questions where progressive action is needed, guided by the enlightened view of the people rather than by protest politics and rancour born of ideology and movement intolerance of other opinion. Issues of concern to the many not just to the few.

Issues and from the perspective of nation-building other candidates have forgotten is the purpose of parliament even when the issue is familiar.

General concerns we raise and issues importance to Canadians we address:

-1- assurance of funding and review of means of delivery of our universal health care system equally in all of Canada, including the means to deliver national pharmacare and autism help;

-2- ensuring post-secondary high school education is available to all Canadians prepared to work to obtain it, whether academic, professions, or trades;

-3- return the role of funding infrastructure to the Bank of Canada rather than by interest earning private institutions;
-4- establish banking services at local post offices, postal banking, according to need;

-5- protection of the environment by growing sustainable resources and renewable energy infrastructure, rather than protest politics and conflict;

-6- act to mitigate the effects of climate change on rivers, shorelines, species at risk, and the loss of permafrost in Canada's North;

-7- democratic and parliamentary reform that will serve the people rather than the interest of movements and parties.


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